Our goal at Miller Mendes Asphalt Paving is to deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule with an experienced and flexible team. To offer fair and competitive prices with quality material and dependability. We value the importance of our relationships and will remain open and honest with all clients, vendors, partners and employees.

About Us

Miller Mendes has worked in the roofing and asphalt paving industry for over 40 years. Licensed in California as a contractor since 1994, he founded Miller Mendes Asphalt Paving. Servicing mainly the Inland Counties of southern California, satisfied customers extend from San Diego to Santa Barbara and from Indio to Los Angeles.


Types of Projects: Commercial & Residential

Grading: Leveling the ground to a smooth horizontal or sloping surface

Paving: Applying new asphalt to a driving surface followed by compaction with roller

Seal coating: Applying a liquid petroleum product to a paved area to extend the life of the pavement

Waterproofing: Applying product to protect from water damage, to decking areas

Hot rubberized crack filling: Method of correcting large, crack defects in pavement prior to seal-coating.

Striping: Applying specialized paint on pavement to delineate parking areas, including handicapped spaces

Overlays: Improving older paved areas with a layer of new asphalt, followed with compaction

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